WILLIAMS Brecks Wabler Lite - 7.09g

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WILLIAMS Brecks Wabler Lite Undulating Spoon

Weight: 7.09 g

Length: 67 mm

The Williams Wabler is the lure that founded the Williams fishing tackle division over 100 years ago. It is still the best-known and most popular model in the Williams series today. The Wabler is a favorite of anglers. Originally a popular spoon for lake trout, the Wabler has stood out, as photo galleries in past publications attest,

on a multitude of species such as rainbow, brown and all species of the trout family. It is also a favorite of pike, muskellunge, walleye and salmon as well as coastal saltwater species.

 The Wabler, like all Williams lures, is stamped from premium polished brass. A multi-step plating then applies the silver and/or 24k gold finishes for which Williams lures are known. These are not standard silver and gold finishes either. The plating on Williams lures is a jewelry grade finish. The final step in the plating process adds a top layer which is fired. This process called “electroclear” does not dull the finish like a lacquer would. It makes silver and half/half finishes salt water resistant and virtually tarnish proof.

 Thanks to its stabilizing rib and its shape, the Wabler is a versatile spoon that also gives good results if you fish at different speeds. The ridge, which has become Williams' trademark, prevents the Wabler from spinning without changing its proven shape and action. This streak works so well that the United States and Canada awarded Williams one of the few patents awarded to a spoon. A world-renowned Canadian classic that has stood out year after year.

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