FishUp ARW Worm 2 "(55 mm) - 12 pc

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ARW Worm FishUp Lures

Length: 55mm

Amount :12 pc

ARW Worm is the result of long design work. The idea was to offer a light and compact lure with a flexible and planing tail.

This soft lure demonstrates its effectiveness when it is printed with small amplitude movements on the bottom. Thanks to its unique design, the lure's tail traps microbubbles of air when the lure enters the water. Once on the bottom the caudal will therefore rise slightly and give an additional attraction to your editing. Over time the air will dissipate, the flexibility of your lure will then express all its power of attraction!

Most often, this Worm FishUp will decide perch of all sizes, but can also trigger a pike perch, a pike or obviously a bass! However, do not be surprised if a forage fish, carp or other unexpected fish visits you!

Easy to use, compact and with a special tail appendage, the ARW Worm can be used on a leaded head, a micro-jig or in drop and with all kinds of animations.

ARW Worm: a real gift for fans of finesse fishing!

Made in Ukraine