FishUp Scaly 2.8 "(70 mm) - 10 pc

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Scaly lures

Length: 70mm

Amount :10 pc

The Scaly Worm is a 2.8 "lure originally intended for Wacky fishing.

Mounted like this, you will see it evolve and vibrate at full speed. Its format allows it to reach the bottom quickly, it can help you trigger predators during periods of low activity.

With more common assemblies (leaded head, drop-shop, Texan, micro-jig, etc.), the Scaly acts like a classic worm. Its fleshy body, its lugs and its flexibility will be as many advantages to seduce specimens up to your expectations.

Scaly is available in all FishUp colors. You can choose the best option in search of the desired predator!

Made in Ukraine