KEITECH Crazy Flapper 4.4 "(11 cm) - 6 pc

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Characteristics :

Length: 115mm
Quantity: 6 pcs
Attractant: yes

Recommended hook sizes :   

Texan : 60 ... 62 mm (size 4/0 ... 5/0)
Jig head : 38 ... 42 mm
Single hook : 38 ... 42 mm

The Crazy Flapper is made of several different PVC plastic materials to give it both flexibility and strength. The body of the Crazy Flapper is designed to glide in line while the pincers and tentacles begin to beat on the slightest recovery, the swim is captivatingly realistic. The Crazy Flapper is dense enough that you don't need to seal it too much, so you slow down the descent and keep the Crazy Flapper on the prone area longer. The Crazy Flapper contains natural flavors of squid directly compiled in the mass.

Made in Japan