KEITECH Mad Wag Mini 2.5 "(6.25 cm) - 12 pc

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Characteristics :

Length: 62mm
Quantity: 12 pcs
Attractant: yes

Recommended hook sizes :   

Texan : 30 ... 35 mm (size 4 to size 2)
Jig head : 24 ... 28 mm
Single hook : 24 ... 28 mm

The Mad Wag has an unusual shape to say the least, which resembles that of a grub. Once in the water, the tail of the Keitech Mad Wag sets in motion and truly gives the impression that it is it who propels the body of the Mad Wag Keitech which in turn performs a rolling motion on itself. There is no doubt that the vibrations of the Mad Wag are unprecedented and will bring pike and black bass out of the seagrass beds. Mad Wag contains natural flavors of squid.

Made in Japan