LUCKY CRAFT Lightning Staysee 90SP - 91 mm

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LUCKY CRAFT Lightning Staysee 90SP

Length: 91mm

Weight: 12.5 gr

Swimming depth: 2.7-3.3 m

Type: Jerkbait, Sinking

Hook: VMC, # 6

Fish: black bass, perch, chub, asp, trout, pikeperch

Appeared in 1995, the Staysee is the first suspending longbill minnow to appear on the European market. The Staysee excels in the art of "stop and go" when the conditions are difficult (cold water and early season). Perfectly suspending when stopped, the Staysee will prove to you the effectiveness of pauses during entertainment. The attack often occurs after the break when the Staysee goes off-center when restarting. Its long bib, its elongated profile and its rather round section guarantee you quick access to great depths and a fairly ample wriggling, without strong vibrations. Equipped with the movable center of gravity displacement system, the Staysee launches easily at great distances and with precision even in windy weather.