FishUp Flit 4 "(104 mm) - 7 pc

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FishUp Flit lures

Length: 104 mm

Amount :7 pc

The Flit is a perfect lure for those who are not afraid to innovate by the water. Thanks to its very fluid swimming, its use allows to reach high performances in multiple situations.

His secret? The combination of a worked shape and an extra-flexible material. On the one hand, its lateral pins will reduce penetration into the water and slow its descent while vibrating slightly. On the other hand, its flexibility will put its paddle in constant motion. Print dry shots and you will see it literally fluttering hence its name: Flit (outfielder) !!

For mounting: classic lead head, Texan, drop shot, Carolina… the choice is yours! Neither shad, nor really finesse, it could almost belong to the Worm family and can therefore be used as such!

Available in several sizes (1.5 ", 2", 3 "and 4"), in a wide variety of colors, and with endless mounting or animation possibilities, there will always be a Flit to make the difference, whatever - or the species sought.

Le Flit: “an extraordinary lure for daring fishermen! "

Made in Ukraine