FishUp Mighty Grub 4.5 "(133 mm) - 4 pc

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Mighty Grub lures

Length: 133mm

Amount :4 pc

The comma is one of the simplest variants and yet among the most versatile and effective for fishing with lures, it is for this reason that FishUp has taken a very special interest!

We can consider that the Mighty Grub is a big brother of the Fancy Grub existing for a long time in our range. Our Mighty is a universal warrior who fights in two categories: 3.5 "and 4.5".

  • In featherweights, its 3.5 "size will be perfect for all types of depth, in rivers and lakes.
  • In heavy goods vehicles, its 4.5 "will allow you to go more easily towards pike, zander, perch of good size without forgetting the catfish. Its design will adapt to medium / deep water and this, whatever the current you will face.

The FishUp Mighty Grub: Power and Versatility!