FishUp U-Shad 3 "(70 mm) - 9 pc

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FishUp U-Shad Lures

Length: 70mm

Amount :9 pc

The FishUp U-Shad was developed in addition to the Wizzle to have a more classic shad within the range and goes everywhere.

The U-Shad consists of a large body in the shape of a ringed cigar and a caudal of normal size: proportions which in no way limit its flexibility and suppleness. A fine fin was added to it from the paddle to 3/4 of the lure to act as a “keel” and offer it a stable and ample swim, even in the event of strong current.

This shad accepts absolutely every imaginable animation! No matter your preferences between classic or more original rigs, this lure will adapt to your understanding of fishing in each session.

With a large choice of sizes (2 ", 2.5", 3 "and 4") and colors, you can find a U-Shad for each situation, each fishing style and each species sought!

The U-Shad: "elegance down to the last detail"

Made in Ukraine