FishUp Wizzle Shad 3 "(80 mm) - 8 pc

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FishUp Wizzle Shad Lures

Length: 80mm

Amount :8 pc

The Wizzle Shad is the first vibrating tail lure designed by FishUp. What makes this Shad unique is its very large paddle which is intentionally disproportionate. This gives it an advantage by creating a powerful vibration that attracts predators from afar.

This combination of a very compact body and a massive paddle allows it to be used effectively in white water as well as in closed water. Thanks to the groove dug on its back, the Wizzle Shad perfectly accepts the Texas mounting and can therefore be a weapon of choice in crowded environments. It can be animated in different ways: linear, sawtooth, wide drawn, very dry twichs ...

Whichever option you choose, the Wizzle Shad will leave no fish indifferent.

Made in Ukraine