KEITECH Swing Impact 2.5 "(6.5 cm) - 10 pc

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Characteristics :

Length: 65mm
Quantity: 10 pcs
Attractant: yes

Recommended hook sizes :   

Texan : 40 mm
Jig head : 28 ... 30 mm
Single hook : 28 ... 30 mm

The Keitech SWING IMPACT soft lure is a formidable shad which owes its effectiveness to its moderate rolling. Indeed, the whole body of the Keitech SWING IMPACT works in rolling but maintains good stability, this is the secret of an attractive natural stroke. The tail action is very wide and starts to move on contact with water, even in extra slow recovery or on very short journeys the tail of the Swing Impact lure works. The SWING IMPACT lure has a ringed body which gives this shad fuzzy contours in the water, predators tend to attack a vague silhouette more. The KEITECH Swing Impact lure from Keitech is also impregnated with squid.

Made in Japan