LUCKY CRAFT LC 0.3 - 38 mm

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Length: 38mm

Weight: 3g

Swimming depth: 1-2ft (0.3-0.6m)

Type: crank, floating

Hook: VMC, #10, #10

Fish: black bass, perch, trout, chub, asp, trout

At Lucky Craft, our desire has always been to create Crankbaits that combine the perfect combination of oscillation and buoyancy. We are fully satisfied with the creation of the “LC series”. These are the finest square lip crankbaits ever designed. For many years, square lip crankbaits gradually replaced balsa crankbaits. The “LC Series” Crankbaits, unlike the balsa models, are much more durable and have no swimming defects when they come out of the box. Here are Crankbaits that serious anglers cannot miss having in their tackle box.